Mastering E-Commerce Finances: Boost Your CPG Brand’s Success

ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast
ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast
Mastering E-Commerce Finances: Boost Your CPG Brand's Success

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ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast: Episode 4

Dive into the essentials of e-commerce finance with Michael Pignatelli from UnLoop Accounting. Discover the pivotal role of accurate financial strategies and the impact of accrual accounting for inventory-based businesses. This episode is a goldmine for CPG brands aiming to refine their financial acumen and scale efficiently on platforms like Amazon.

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Unloop Accounting – Chartered Accountant & Co-Founder



Michael Pignatelli is a Chartered Accountant and the co-founder of Unloop Accounting, a bookkeeping firm hyper-focused on eCommerce and CPG companies. Michael has become an expert in the field of inventory accounting and is on a mission to provide low-cost, reliable bookkeeping to inventory businesses with up to $30M in annual revenue. 


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